Transportation Alternatives To Cars

The price of Oil and Gasoline remains constantly on an upward trend. For many, the price of keeping a car as a major transportation is getting counterproductive. With this trend in motoring, more and more are looking for an alternative mode of transportation to offset the high cost of upkeep in getting a car. These alternatives range from 50cc mopeds to moped for sale to electric vehicles. The byword is economy and the more economical and practical, the better. 


      A moped is a two or three-wheeled motorcycle that has an engine displacement of under 50cc and has a top speed of no more than 50 km/h (that’s 30 mph). These generally do not require a license or registration to own but the operator is required to have a license. It is just as well because although low displacement, these are not necessarily slow vehicles and safety standards for regular motorcycles should be applicable. Safety in any vehicle largely depends on its operator and it is a very good and sound idea to have a safety seminar on motorcycles before driving one.

Transportation Alternatives To Cars

Electric Mopeds

     These are exactly the same as the mopeds described above except they are powered by batteries and an electric motor. Battery technology and electric motor advances have made these machines very efficient and better than their counterparts before. These types of alternative vehicle do not require registration and are very ideal in highly urbanized settings. These vehicles will have a range of about 30-40 kilometers. The perfect daily drive for work and play.

Electric Cars

      Electric cars are also highly favored as an alternative and the capabilities are much like a regular car save for having no fuel. However aside from the fuel consumption, there are very little to no difference in the upkeep. These are ideal if you want to cut back on fuel costs. But aside from that, there are little advantages over a regular car. However, the advantages for mother earth are superior than any other vehicle.

       These three are the most widely used alternatives for regular cars on the road. All of them have their advantages and disadvantages and all are practical. Some people get the most from electric vehicle use and yet again some get most out smaller sized vehicles.  Other people get the most savings by using a combination of these vehicles. With that kind of usage, you really do get the most out of all these. One thing is clear, sticking to just one of these alternatives will save you a lot in the long run.