Safe and secure car shipping at an affordable price

Many times in our lives, there will be a situation in which we will be facing a need to transport a car from one place to another. Sometimes, it is even possible to have circumstances in which cars need to be transported out of our country to another. In such cases, we will have to give the work to a trusted hand, experienced in handling all types of vehicles, be it good or bad; new or old. Since there are many agencies which promise to offer good quality service, it becomes an ordeal to choose one which provides really good service. Hence it is better to know about VMS Lux and the car transport services it provides.

Safe and secure car shipping

VMS Lux is a transport solution provider that provides car shipping and auto transport services. It has its office in New Jersey but it provides it service all around the USA. Primarily, it ships cars and motor vehicles in containers to different countries from the US.

Services provided by the agency:

It provides auto transport services in three formats and the clients are free to choose what suits best for them. The services are expounded below.

  • Enclosed car transport: High-end luxury cars and classic exotic cars are worth a fortune and transporting them from one place to another can be quite tricky. Particularly, if they are transported through open carrier car transport, they may gather dust due to debris present in roadways. That is why VMS provides enclosed car transport services for such cars. All the cars are taken care of and are treated well. Cars are provided two layered bubble wrap on demands by clients. The well-experienced team leaves no stone unturned to provide quality service.
  • Car shipping overseas: Whether you buy a car in the US that you plan to send it to another country or you are planning to take your car with you to another country, VMS can take your car safely and ship it to any destination without any hassle.
  • Open carrier car transport: If daily use cars are to be transported, this service is the best. VMS provides door-to-door as well as dealership services at affordable, competitive and negotiable prices. All services are scheduled properly and are delivered on time. In fact, all the goods are insured and all of their equipment is well maintained. Hence there is nothing better to do than to relax after booking a request..