Pollution control is very important

As far as our environment is concerned the greatest threat today is the pollution. There are many types of pollution and they have to be controlled anyway. The air pollution and the water pollution are the major among the types of pollution. The air is contaminated due to various reason. The industrial smoke and the smoke which is coming from the vehicles are the contributing the major share in air pollution. The government has taken important steps to overcome the industrial smoke and also the vehicle smoke. In order to reduce the vehicle smoke the government have instructed to produce only the BS4 engine vehicles. But we can also use the catalytic converter in our vehicle which is an exhaust emission control device which will control the pollutants which come from the vehicle as less toxic pollutants. This catalytic converter is not only used in automobiles but is also used in trucks, buses, motor cycle and electrical generators. This converter was first designed in France and the basic model was released for cars.

how to clean your catalytic converter

When the catalytic converters were first introduced in market it was designed in such a way that they are kept near the engine. But it started causing many problems so they shifted it to the back from the engine and they placed in under the vehicle.

  • The main purpose of the catalytic converter is to reduce the amount of toxic pollutants which is released in the air. This is because fresh air is very important for breathing.
  • When the catalytic converter is fixed it helps in converting 3 harmful substances into harmless one. They are carbon monoxide into carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxides into nitrogen and oxygen, and hydro carbons into carbon dioxide and water.
  • The catalytic converter includes stainless steel box which is attached to the muffler. They also consist of ceramic beads which is coated with catalysts. There are also many sensors that regulate the fuel and the air to pass through the engine.
  • The catalytic converter clean up the gaseous which is emitted from our vehicle. But we have to clean the catalytic converter in regular intervals.
  • When you want to know how to clean your catalytic converter can get the guidelines from the website.
  • They can be cleaned using the catalytic converter cleaner which is available in the market. There are certain catalytic cleaners which clean not only the residue from the converter. They also clean the whole fuel system.

The catalytic cleaners are tested and they are manufactured using the formula. There are some of the catalytic converters fuel system rapid induction deposit cleaner remove which is available in the market and they are very useful to the clean.