Factors to be considered while selecting snow chains

The proper functioning of vehicle depends on the tires, they cannot work properly if the tires betray. In order to maintain the performance of tires it is always suggested to keep the tires in the good condition and they require constant maintenance. In the harsh weather conditions like cold weather when there is snow fall, the condition of the road can bear an impact negatively on the tires making them unsuitable to drive and also in some cases cause accidents as they are unable to function properly or skid from the roads. This is where tire chains for snow come into picture.

selecting snow chains

Huge variety of snow tire chains

There is huge variety in offering for the snow chains that are available today in the market. They are made from different types of materials like steel, rubber and also fabric some times. Before the invention of snow chains some people even used ropes and vines to wrap around the tires to drive in the snow clad roads without skidding. They give an easy grip on to the road and help in driving well in otherwise difficult and slippery road condition during snow fall.

The snow chains are classified in to two basic types, the first one is the classic one which are usually used in driving and the second type I the one which is wrapped around the tire. The classic type of tire chains is available at relatively lower prices and they have much more longer life compared to others. The only flaw with these chains is that they require more effort to drive with them on the tires.

The modern type tire chains for snow come in different varieties and shapes like the diamond shape and these are used as a loop around the tire. One must make sure that the chains that are being selected are easy to install and they must take only few minutes to be installed. One can come across many types of snow chains and if they are used to driving on snow filled roads on a regular basis. But a driver has to be extremely cautious while driving with the chains on them. They can’t afford to drive harshly with high speed when driving with the tires that are clad with chains. The chains are not designed to endure the fast driving; they designed to drive in snow safely. Therefore maintaining of slow speed is important.