Common Mistakes That Causes Windshield Damage

When it comes to a car’s safety features, the windshield plays a very important role. It can help protect you from the elements as well as from any road debris. Or maybe you are destroying your windshield by how you treat and care for it. This is why it is very important that you fully understand how you, as the car owner, can destroy your windshield without even knowing it.

Mistakes You Should Avoid

Always remember that how you treat your car can greatly affect the life span of your windshield. Sometimes we are used to doing the things that we know, not knowing that we are already causing damage to the windshield. If you are curious to know, here are the most common mistakes that can cause windshield damage.

  • Using Glass Cleaner. Using products that contain harmful chemicals does not always mean that you are keeping your windshield clean. You should not go crazy with the products that you use. There might ingredients that can ruin the coating. The coating of your windshield does not only prevent UV damage but it also protects your windshield from the harsh elements. If you are using the wrong cleaner, your windshield will soon become cloudy which will require you to replace it.
  • Removing Ice By Banging On Icy Windshield. During the winter months, how do you remove ice from your windshield? If you are already late from work or from whatever task that you have to accomplish that day, banging on the icy windshield is sometimes the easiest way for many of us to remove that ice. But remember that glass and hitting never end well. So you should avoid hitting your windshield when removing ice.

Causes Windshield Damage

  • Defrosting Icy Windshield With Hot Water. Since banging on an icy windshield is not an option, you think hot water is the solution? The website thinks that it is not. Take note that the difference in temperature, between the cold glass and hot water, will cause the windshield to shatter. If you really have to remove ice, scape it with a plastic took or maybe let your car run while your defrost fan is blowing on the windshield to help melt the ice.
  • Disregarding Small Chips or Dings. Many car owners think that a small ding or chip on the windshield is nothing to worry about. What they didn’t know is that in the long run, this can become a much bigger problem. Small dings can be cracks that cannot be repaired anymore and would need windshield replacement. To prevent this from happening, a small ding or chip should be checked by an auto-glass repairman right away. Any problem should be repaired as soon as possible.
  • Leaving Aerosol Cans In Hot Weather. The hot weather can be nasty to vehicles. If you have been reading the information at the back of an aerosol can, it is warned that thee should not be stored in areas with hot temperatures. It can be hairspray, cleaners, or deodorant that can explode when placed in extremely hot areas like the inside of your car during hot weather.

These common practices are usually done even by car owners who have had their vehicles for years not knowing that they are already causing problems to their windshield. These should not be taken for granted because windshield replacements are not cheap. It can cost you a lot for the problems that you could’ve avoided in the first place.