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The Indian bike giant Hero does really know how to play its cards right. The biggest witnesses in the market are Hero Passion and Hero Duet. Both have been popular scooters in the Indian market and are still competing well against other well-known brands. Hero Passion is adored by all the youngsters while Hero Duet is being eyed by girls all over India as it is a uni-sex scooter. Both are equally efficient when it comes to riding but have special features that set them apart, in order to cater to the needs of different market segments.

Hero Duet design and features

The Hero Duet is undeniably a good-looking scooter. It has a curvy metallic body which is rigid to the touch. Its rear part is specially designed to protect the rider in case of incidents. It has a simple, minimalist design to which the rider can add to simply according to their own preference. Its handlebar and headlights have been designed in an equally neat manner. The chromatic V-shaped cladding gives it character with the semi digital-analogue meter console. It is very easy to comprehend. It comes with a speed meter, gauge, indicator and a trip meter. Hero duet mileage per liter is 45kmpl. It is available in colors like red, grey, white, silver, green, and black. It is currently selling for 49,565 Indian rupees.

Hero Passion design and feature

On the other hand, we have the scooter that sells just as much, the Hero Passion Pro i3s.  It sells for 51,246 – 54,044 Indian rupees in the market and has a beautifully sculpted body which gives it a modern look. It is known to be one of the best looking scooters. It has a black floorboard and many funky colors available. Hero Passion pro i3s mileage is 45kmpl in a city like Mumbai. It is powered by a 111cc air-cooled engine which delivers torque via a CVT broadcast. Riding on a 10-inch metal wheel on front and back, it is also equipped with upgraded brakes and drum brakes.

In comparison, both of these motorcycles, the Passion Pro and the Duet are daily commuter bikes and designed specifically for that purpose. They have decent features with a simple, yet flashy design. Hero Passion is priced more, but of obvious reasons such as added features but Hero Duet is no less with its uni-sex rider capability. Both are quite sporty and have grown to be the most popular ones in the Indian market. For more information, you can visit Autoportal to review detailed information regarding both scooters.