When it comes to picture a used car, what comes in mind is a yellow clunker who is sitting in the corner with a “for sale: $2,000” sign on the front windshieldof an auto lot with chipped paint and rusted rims. One may even imagine a car salesman with a plaid suit, mustache and a hat, attempting to sell some crappy cars to naïve customers at high prices.

Thisimaginary picture,thoughinaccuratefor the most part, still you may be unfortunate and find a few lemons out there. Butit does not mean that’s the reality. It’s no more a tough task to find authentic used cars in SanDiego, or any other part in U.S. there are lots filled with new looking cars and certified vehicles.In fact a used car buyer enjoys a variety of benefits as opposed to one who’s getting a new one. Here are some benefits of used car purchase:

·        Cheaper Price

It always feels nice to own and ride a car that was not owned by anyone else before you. The smell and feel of a new car always seems better. But owning a brand new car with that smell and feel, single digit mileage and that too without any flaw isn’t cheap. There is big gap in the price of new and used vehicles it may sum up to even $20,000 approximately as per surveys.

·        Low Depreciation

New cars as step out of the showrooms lose a large portion of their value. The rate at which the value of used cars depreciate is much less than that of new cars. Going through numbers, some new cars even lose up to 40% of their value during the first year. Added to this a new car costs huge and high, thus becoming very precious to the owners, they find it hard to bear even the normal and inevitable wear and tear.

A car that depreciates so quickly, adds another expense as it heightens the need for another insurance cover. A GAP coverage i.e. an optional insurance that covers the difference between car’s actual valueand the loan amount.

·        More Variety

There are people who love vintage and old looks especially some specific old models, it’s difficult for them to find those looks in new cars or to find them in new condition. But if they buy a used car, there is wider inventory which includes famous old models to cars which released in last few years to even the latest ones.

·        Technology

The times have changed. Buying a used cars in San Diego, or in any other part in U.S is a different experience than past. With access to resources and information at fingertips, consumers can easily get the value of a car at that specific model, time, make or year.

In fact now people came down to share their experiences and from thousands of reviews from other car-buyers it becomes easy to rely and trust on the seller or model.